If you have been injured at work, your main concern is getting better and returning to work. Unfortunately there are numerous financial, medical, employment, emotional and social pressures placed upon you. You know that you have certain rights and responsibilities, but you do not know what they are. What should you do? We can help.

The Minnesota Workers' Compensation Laws are constantly evolving. The legislature and state administration frequently alter and change these laws- sometimes on an annual basis. Moreover, your injury is controlled by the laws and rules in effect on your date of injury. Issues arise as to your rights to:

  • medical treatment including surgery, mileage, medications and chiropractic;
  • compensation for total or partial disability wage loss;

  • maximum medical improvement
  • return to work;
  • vocational rehabilitation;
  • vocational retraining;
  • compensation for permanent injuries and permanent partial disability.

The insurance company handling your case knows what rights you have and what rights you don't have. Do you? If you have been denied workers' compensation benefits or need to discuss your Minnesota workers compensation case, the Law Office of Thomas Mottaz can help. We are workers' compensation attorneys that help people with Minnesota work injuries. Contact us for a free consultation. We will answer your questions or help you find the right lawyer for your situation.

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