Monthly Archives: November 2008

What to do if you have a work-related injury

Keep the following in mind when you have a work related injury. Step 1 Report your injury. When you know you have a work-related injury, report the injury to your employer. And always ask to fill out an incident report. If your employer does not provide you with one, you can get a first report […]

The effects of an aging workforce

Due to advancements in technology and improvements in medical treatment, Americans are living longer and staying healthy longer then ever before. And many are working longer, as well. The US Department of Labor reports that from 1977 to 2007, employment of workers over the age of 65 increased 101%. People past the “retirement age” are […]

What is Minnesota Workers’ Compensation?

The Minnesota workers’ compensation system was established in 1913 to help injured employees cope with the financial hardship brought on by occupational injuries and to assist in returning the employee to employment. However, with the inception of the system came a struggle between providing necessary benefits to the injured employee and the costs incurred by […]