Monthly Archives: December 2008

An injury sustained by looking up can be considered a compensable injury

In order for a Minnesota work injury to be compensable it must “arise out of” and in the “course of employment.” There must be a causal connection between the work activities and the injury. In Klug v. Cummins Power Generation, (WCCA 10/16/08) the WCCA upheld the compensation judge’s decision that an injury to the neck sustained […]

Chiropractic treatment under MN workers’ compensation

Chiropractic treatment can be beneficial to relieve the effects of your work injury. However, in some cases, the treatment may not be allowed under Minnesota workers’ compensation. It may be necessary for you to obtain an attorney to assist you in obtaining the reasonable and necessary medical treatment. Under Minnesota work comp there are limits […]

Feeling Depressed: Get Screened

Dr. Gabrielle Melin, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist, recently posted on Mayo Clinic’s website concerning depression. The following are highlights from the article. Information on depression is seen almost daily in the media. The World Health Organization projected that depression will rank second in worldwide disease burden by 2020. Heart disease will remain first.

What to expect at your deposition

When you receive notice of a deposition, you will be required to attend the deposition at the time and location specified. Your attorney should meet with you before hand to go over your anticipated testimony and to answer any questions you may have.