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Exposure to chemicals at work can result in occupational diseases

Two years ago over 21 employees at a Austin pork plant contracted a rare neurological disease which resulted from breathing in parts of pigs. These medical complications were the result of an occupational exposure and it is fair to say that workers’ compensation will ultimately be responsible for the workers’ illnesses.  MPR News recentely posted an article on […]

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Police officers : Stress related heart attacks

Police officers in the line of work face an overabundant amount of stress. It has been shown that police officers are at an increased risk for cardiovascular events and even emotional difficulties such as depression. More than 400 police officers have participated in a study with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The […]

Health care professionals and nurses are at an increased risk for work related back injuries

Nurses are in high demand in today’s world. The American Hospital Association (AHA), reported that the United States is almost 120,000 nurses short of what is required to meet the nation’s current health care needs. This mean nurses are often required to do more than what would typically be required. It is reported that health […]

Employers may have to pay more to undocumented workers

I have recently written on the proposal before the WCAC regarding undocumented workers being barred from collecting workers’ compensation benefits. If the proposal becomes law,  it is clear that undocumented workers would not have the ability to recover workers’ compensation benefits. However, they would arguably be able to recover under civil law for pain and […]

Injuries while volunteering may not be compensable

Volunteering your time can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Despite your unselfish act, if you get injured while volunteering, it is possible you may not be able to receive the help you need. Minnesota workers’ compensation is based on an employee-employer relationship. Under Minnesota work comp, an employer is any […]