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The framework of litigated Minnesota Workers Compensation cases

You were injured at work, but for some reason the workers’ compensation insurer has denied your claim. At this time, you are now faced with a question that many injured workers face. What do I do now? A majority of these injured worker’s retain an attorney to assist them in fighting for their entitlement to […]

The NOID needs to be CLEAR |Powell v. Stein Industry

The document arrives in the mail at the injured worker’s home who has been receiving wage loss benefits for the last month. He opens his mail hoping to receive his weekly wage loss check when suddenly he discovers his benefits are being discontinued. This can be devastating for an injured worker and his family especially […]

MN DOLI evaluation of employee’s saftey in nursing homes

The Workplace Safety Consultation (WSC) unit of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry undertook a collaborative project to provide ergonomics assistance to nursing homes to help management and workers reduce ergonomic risk factors and improve the safety of their workplaces. The study can be found here. It was noted in the report that work-related […]

Waddel Signs: What does it mean for my Minnesota workers’ compensation case?

One of the many ways the employer and insurer may try to deny you claim is on the basis that you are “faking” your symptoms. In order to determine if you are faking, they will typically have you undergo an Adverse Medical Examination to assess your symptoms. Mike Bryant posted about “Waddel signs” which is […]