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A day late and a dollar short | When are Minnesota workers’ compensation wage loss benefits due?

One of the most asked questions I get from potential clients and existing clients is, “When can I expect my check?” Often times this is a question that requires further looking into such as when was the last time they received a check, whether an NOID was filed, etc. Often times we discover that the […]

Professional Athletes: Minnesota Workers’ Compensation?

PPC Injury Tracker Application Professional athletes who suffer injuries while working in Minnesota, may be entitlted to Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits. Professional athletes often times suffer debilitating injuries in the course of their career. A study in 2003 found that the NFL players were nearly eight times higher to have an injury than that of […]

Types of settlements for your workers compensation case

When it comes time to attempt to negotiate a settlement for your case, a settlement can be reached in variety of ways. Each individual case is different than the next and needs to be evaluated on the facts and merits. Therefore, the settlement terms may not be the same as a relative, friend or acquaintance […]