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I Hurt My Back at Work Lifting—What Should I Do and What Can I Do?

I Hurt My Back at Work Lifting—What Should I Do and What Can I Do? With any work-related injury, it is important that you report your injury immediately to your employer and seek medical treatment. As I have discussed in prior articles, it is important that you take these initial steps to protect your interests. […]

The Employer and Insurer have Stopped Paying my Medical Bills and will not Approve any Further Treatment with my Doctor—What are my Legal Options?

As I have discussed in previous posts, the employer and insurer are responsible for all reasonable, necessary and causally related medical treatment.  This would include visits to your doctor, physical therapy, injections, chiropractic treatment, surgery, etc.  Now, there are limits to certain treatment based on the Minnesota Treatment Parameters which limit the types and duration […]

I Was Hurt at Work—What Should I Do Now?

When you have an on-the-job injury it can be anything from a cut, strain, fracture, etc. For most employees when they have a work-related injury, they don’t know what to do. It can become a very complicated and stressful situation. Consequently, it is a good idea to know what your injured worker’s rights are under […]

What is a QRC and How do I Go About Getting One for My Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Case?

One of the benefits that is offered to injured workers in Minnesota is the assistance of a QRC or a qualified rehabilitation consultant. The job of a QRC is to help the injured worker in getting them back to work with the date of injury employer, either in their original job or in a new […]

Medicare set-asides (MSAs) for Workers’ Compensation

Contributor Aaron P. Frederickson has written the following post: Medicare set-asides (MSAs)cause headaches for attorneys and injured claimants alike. However, problems in the future—including the loss of Medicare benefits—can be avoided by following some simple guidelines when self-administering a MSA. Once MSA funds are received, the claimant/Medicare beneficiary should immediately place all designated funds into […]

I Have Carpal Tunnel—Is This Related to My Work?

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation covers various work-related injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS if it is related to your work exposure. These types of injuries are called repetitive trauma/cumulative trauma/Gillette type injuries. It is important once you know that the injury is work-related that you report it to your employer. Then, follow the employer’s policies […]

What happens after I file a workers’ compensation case?

One of the more difficult parts of Minnesota workers’ compensation system is understanding how the workers’ compensation process works. For many injured workers this is the first time they have ever had an injury. At times the process can be like assembling IKEA furniture – frustrating and oftentimes, stressful. Fortunately, there are lawyers (including myself) that are experienced and can provide guidance through the process.

I Have Received a Notice of Intention to Discontinue Benefits from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company—Now What Do I Do?

When the insurance company decides that they are going to stop paying you wage loss benefits they are required under the law to file what is called a Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits or NOID. The form you receive provides various instructions on how to request a conference concerning your benefits. Typically, you have a very short window, sometimes 12 days, in order to request a conference. You want to make sure that you request a conference as the conference will provide you with an opportunity to dispute and contest the stopping of your wage loss benefits.

What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME) and do I have to Attend it?

An independent medical examination is not exactly what it is called. In fact, it is an adverse medical examination. This is where the insurance company has your injuries evaluated by an independent doctor who is typically seeking to limit your benefits.

Should I Settle my Workers’ Compensation Case as the Insurance Company or Attorney wants me to Settle?

Should I Settle my Workers’ Compensation Case as the Insurance Company or Attorney wants me to Settle? The decision to settle can never be an easy decision to make.  Many different factors need to be weighed into your decision.  It is imperative that all of your options have been discussed so that an informative decision […]