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Does an Employer have to Purchase or have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Most employers in Minnesota are required to have Minnesota Workers’ Compensation insurance, or for some companies, be self-insured. There are certain limited situations where an employer may not need to have coverage, however, in most situations they are required to have workers’ compensation insurance on their employees. Even though a Minnesota employer may not have […]

My Family Member/Friend Died from a Work Injury—Would they be able to Bring a Wrongful Death Claim for Workers’ Compensation Dependency Benefits?

It is always a tragic situation when someone dies from a work-related injury. However, you should be rest assured that dependency benefits are available to the family. Dependency benefits are based upon weekly wage and daily wage which is determined by the hours normally worked in that employment. Benefits are paid to the spouse, children, […]

How Long do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Last in Minnesota?

Injuries can range from strains to fractures to no wage loss to being permanently and totally disabled where you can never return to work. The benefits an injured worker receives depends on the injury and whether that injury continues to remain a substantial contributing factor in their disability. Tied into this is the limits on […]

Undocumented workers are entitled to Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits

It is estimated there are over 8.5 million undocumented immigrant workers in the United States.  Approximately 5 million undocumented immigrants work in low paid, menial jobs where the risk of physical injury is high. These types of jobs typically do not attract legal residents due to low wages, physically demanding work duties or dangerous activities. […]

I Have Received a Notice of Intention to Discontinue Benefits from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company—Now What Do I Do?

When the insurance company decides that they are going to stop paying you wage loss benefits they are required under the law to file what is called a Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits or NOID. The form you receive provides various instructions on how to request a conference concerning your benefits. Typically, you have a very short window, sometimes 12 days, in order to request a conference. You want to make sure that you request a conference as the conference will provide you with an opportunity to dispute and contest the stopping of your wage loss benefits.

Should I Settle my Workers’ Compensation Case as the Insurance Company or Attorney wants me to Settle?

Should I Settle my Workers’ Compensation Case as the Insurance Company or Attorney wants me to Settle? The decision to settle can never be an easy decision to make.  Many different factors need to be weighed into your decision.  It is imperative that all of your options have been discussed so that an informative decision […]

10 Things to Keep in Mind When You Have a Work Related Injury

  When you have a work related injury and you are unrepresented, there are several things you should keep in mind. Top 10 List Report your injury to your supervisor, foremen or any other designated representative with your employer; Seek medical treatment; Request the assistance of a QRC to determine if you are a qualified […]

IRS Mileage Rates

  IRS Mileage Rate Changes Here are the mileage rates from 2006 to present. 01/01/2006 44.5 01/01/2007 48.5 01/01/2008 50.5 07/01/2008 58.5 01/01/2009 55.0 01/01/2010 50.0 01/01/2011 51.0 07/01/2011 55.5 1/1/2013    56.5 If you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits or have concerns about your case, we at The Law Office of Thomas Mottaz are […]

A day late and a dollar short | When are Minnesota workers’ compensation wage loss benefits due?

One of the most asked questions I get from potential clients and existing clients is, “When can I expect my check?” Often times this is a question that requires further looking into such as when was the last time they received a check, whether an NOID was filed, etc. Often times we discover that the […]