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After my work injury, who gets to pick my pharmacy?

After a work injury, Minnesota law requires the employer and workers’ compensation insurer to provide all medical care and treatment causally related to and reasonable and necessary to cure and relieve the effects of the work injury. This includes paying for necessary medications. Questions often arise as to who gets to pick the pharmacy where […]

The Workers’ Compensation Insurer has Stopped my Chiropractic Treatment for my Work Injury, but my Chiropractor Continues to Recommend Further Treatment. What are my Options to get More Treatment?

After an injury, the employer and insurer are required to pay for all reasonable, necessary and causally related medical treatment. However, there are limits to the duration and frequency of certain treatments that you can receive. One of those treatments that have limits include chiropractic care. Typically, workers’ compensation covers 12 weeks of chiropractic treatment. This varies depending […]

I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome “CRPS” or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy “RSD,” how will that Effect my Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Case?

What is complex regional pain syndrome “CRPS” or reflex sympathetic dystrophy “RSD”? This is a condition that causes pain, swelling and various other symptoms. It can occur in one body part but can also transfer to other body parts. This can be brought on by trauma or injury to a body part.

Who gets to pick my doctor after a work injury?

Following a work injury, the injured worker generally possesses the right to pick the treating doctor. It has long been the law that Minnesota employees are given great latitude both in choosing and changing physicians. This choice can be limited, if the employer participates in a certified managed care plan. If that is the case, the employee will be required to pick a physician within the list provided by the plan – unless a documented history of treatment before the injury with that doctor can be demonstrated. Absent a certified plan, however, the employee has the right to choose the doctor who treats the injury.

Medical choices for injured workers

After a Minnesota work related injury, many injured workers assume that the Minnesota employer and workers’ compensation insurer will automatically pay for the injury and the related medical expenses. Unfortunately, there are many times when the insurance company denies the claim and refuses to pay for the medical treatment. The injured worker is then responsible […]

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) in Minnesota woekwes conpensation matters

Following a serious work related injury there comes a point when your medical doctors want to determine what your physical capabilities in order to return you to work, evaluate your disability, determine how non-work related conditions affect your work ability or to determine your overall functionality. A Functional Capacity Evaluation or FCE objectively measures an […]

The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Maze

The Department of Labor and Industry published the following illustration. It does a fairly good job of showing some parts of the workers’ compensation “maze.” Click on the links and you will be directed to a the DOLI website. Learn moreFAQs Suggestions for: — successful doctor visit; — communicating with insurance adjuster; — communicating with […]