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I Have Carpal Tunnel—Is This Related to My Work?

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation covers various work-related injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS if it is related to your work exposure. These types of injuries are called repetitive trauma/cumulative trauma/Gillette type injuries. It is important once you know that the injury is work-related that you report it to your employer. Then, follow the employer’s policies […]

I Have Received a Notice of Intention to Discontinue Benefits from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company—Now What Do I Do?

When the insurance company decides that they are going to stop paying you wage loss benefits they are required under the law to file what is called a Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits or NOID. The form you receive provides various instructions on how to request a conference concerning your benefits. Typically, you have a very short window, sometimes 12 days, in order to request a conference. You want to make sure that you request a conference as the conference will provide you with an opportunity to dispute and contest the stopping of your wage loss benefits.