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After my work injury, who gets to pick my pharmacy?

After a work injury, Minnesota law requires the employer and workers’ compensation insurer to provide all medical care and treatment causally related to and reasonable and necessary to cure and relieve the effects of the work injury. This includes paying for necessary medications. Questions often arise as to who gets to pick the pharmacy where […]

Be Aware of Social Media

As the Internet expands and social media becomes ever more popular, insurance companies and their investigators and attorneys are often turning to Facebook and other internet venues to help defend against injured workers’ claims. Requests for access to Facebook posting are not that uncommon anymore. Moreover, Courts typically allow these requests because, as a general […]

How Long Do I have to Make a Claim for Minnesota Workers’ Compensation or Work Comp Benefits?

In Minnesota, the amount of time that you have to file a workers’ compensation claim depends on two factors, including: Whether any benefits have been paid; and  Whether a First Report of Injury has been filed with the Department of Labor and Industry.

I Have a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Offer and they are Asking me to do a MSA or a Medicare Set Aside—What Should I Do?

Medicare set asides can be a complicated and a difficult process to understand. When contemplating settlement of your case and a Medicare set aside is being discussed, there are several things that you, the injured worker, should consider. 1. Work comp related medical would be closed out forever. Medicare set asides are only used in […]

Who gets to pick my doctor after a work injury?

Following a work injury, the injured worker generally possesses the right to pick the treating doctor. It has long been the law that Minnesota employees are given great latitude both in choosing and changing physicians. This choice can be limited, if the employer participates in a certified managed care plan. If that is the case, the employee will be required to pick a physician within the list provided by the plan – unless a documented history of treatment before the injury with that doctor can be demonstrated. Absent a certified plan, however, the employee has the right to choose the doctor who treats the injury.

10 Things to Keep in Mind When You Have a Work Related Injury

  When you have a work related injury and you are unrepresented, there are several things you should keep in mind. Top 10 List Report your injury to your supervisor, foremen or any other designated representative with your employer; Seek medical treatment; Request the assistance of a QRC to determine if you are a qualified […]

What happens if I don’t report my work related injury?

We all have to begin somewhere. A Minnesota workers’ compensation claim starts with reporting an injury. By not reporting an injury to your employer after it happens you can harm your chances of getting benefits now and in the future. The first step in any workers’ compensation claim is to report an injury.  The purpose of the  requirement […]

IRS Mileage Rates

  IRS Mileage Rate Changes Here are the mileage rates from 2006 to present. 01/01/2006 44.5 01/01/2007 48.5 01/01/2008 50.5 07/01/2008 58.5 01/01/2009 55.0 01/01/2010 50.0 01/01/2011 51.0 07/01/2011 55.5 1/1/2013    56.5 If you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits or have concerns about your case, we at The Law Office of Thomas Mottaz are […]

Professional Athletes: Minnesota Workers’ Compensation?

PPC Injury Tracker Application Professional athletes who suffer injuries while working in Minnesota, may be entitlted to Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits. Professional athletes often times suffer debilitating injuries in the course of their career. A study in 2003 found that the NFL players were nearly eight times higher to have an injury than that of […]

Types of settlements for your workers compensation case

When it comes time to attempt to negotiate a settlement for your case, a settlement can be reached in variety of ways. Each individual case is different than the next and needs to be evaluated on the facts and merits. Therefore, the settlement terms may not be the same as a relative, friend or acquaintance […]