Feeling Depressed: Get Screened

Dr. Gabrielle Melin, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist, recently posted on Mayo Clinic’s website concerning depression. The following are highlights from the article. Information on depression is seen almost daily in the media. The World Health Organization projected that depression will rank second in worldwide disease burden by 2020. Heart disease will remain first.

What to expect at your deposition

When you receive notice of a deposition, you will be required to attend the deposition at the time and location specified. Your attorney should meet with you before hand to go over your anticipated testimony and to answer any questions you may have.

Mental injuries in work comp cases

We all know that physical injuries are covered under work comp. What is not so clear is whether mental or emotional problems are covered. In certain situations, mental/emotional problems are covered by Minnesota workers’ compensation. The law differentiates between mental injuries and places them into three categories. Mental/Physical – This means the mental injury  causes […]

Rejecting a job offer can have serious consequences for your work comp benefits

When an injured worker has been off of work due to a compensable work injury and receiving temporary total disability benefits, an employer may choose to offer work to the employee.  In many cases, the work offered may not be the most acceptable position to the injured worker.  Incidentally, in some cases, if the injured […]

What to do if you have a work-related injury

Keep the following in mind when you have a work related injury. Step 1 Report your injury. When you know you have a work-related injury, report the injury to your employer. And always ask to fill out an incident report. If your employer does not provide you with one, you can get a first report […]

The effects of an aging workforce

Due to advancements in technology and improvements in medical treatment, Americans are living longer and staying healthy longer then ever before. And many are working longer, as well. The US Department of Labor reports that from 1977 to 2007, employment of workers over the age of 65 increased 101%. People past the “retirement age” are […]

What is Minnesota Workers’ Compensation?

The Minnesota workers’ compensation system was established in 1913 to help injured employees cope with the financial hardship brought on by occupational injuries and to assist in returning the employee to employment. However, with the inception of the system came a struggle between providing necessary benefits to the injured employee and the costs incurred by […]