My Family Member/Friend Died from a Work Injury—Would they be able to Bring a Wrongful Death Claim for Workers’ Compensation Dependency Benefits?

It is always a tragic situation when someone dies from a work-related injury. However, you should be rest assured that dependency benefits are available to the family. Dependency benefits are based upon weekly wage and daily wage which is determined by the hours normally worked in that employment. Benefits are paid to the spouse, children, […]

I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome “CRPS” or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy “RSD,” how will that Effect my Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Case?

What is complex regional pain syndrome “CRPS” or reflex sympathetic dystrophy “RSD”? This is a condition that causes pain, swelling and various other symptoms. It can occur in one body part but can also transfer to other body parts. This can be brought on by trauma or injury to a body part.

How Long do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Last in Minnesota?

Injuries can range from strains to fractures to no wage loss to being permanently and totally disabled where you can never return to work. The benefits an injured worker receives depends on the injury and whether that injury continues to remain a substantial contributing factor in their disability. Tied into this is the limits on […]

I Have a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Offer and they are Asking me to do a MSA or a Medicare Set Aside—What Should I Do?

Medicare set asides can be a complicated and a difficult process to understand. When contemplating settlement of your case and a Medicare set aside is being discussed, there are several things that you, the injured worker, should consider. 1. Work comp related medical would be closed out forever. Medicare set asides are only used in […]

If I accept a retirement package or severance, would I be entitled to benefits now or in the future?

Accepting a retirement package or severance will not preclude you from receiving benefits including lost wages. In cases of voluntary termination, the injured worker’s right to wage loss benefits is suspended until the injured worker can show that the work-related disability is the cause for the inability to find or hold new employment. This can […]

Abbreviations and Glossary for MN Work Comp 101

Minnesota workers’ compensation has many abbreviations that get used by adjusters, attorneys, employers, etc. Understanding what they represent is a difficult task for employee’s who have never dealt with workers’ compensation. The following is a list of common abbreviations and terms used. Some people may abbreviate terms differently, but hopefully it will provide some guidance […]

Undocumented workers are entitled to Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits

It is estimated there are over 8.5 million undocumented immigrant workers in the United States.  Approximately 5 million undocumented immigrants work in low paid, menial jobs where the risk of physical injury is high. These types of jobs typically do not attract legal residents due to low wages, physically demanding work duties or dangerous activities. […]

I Hurt My Back at Work Lifting—What Should I Do and What Can I Do?

I Hurt My Back at Work Lifting—What Should I Do and What Can I Do? With any work-related injury, it is important that you report your injury immediately to your employer and seek medical treatment. As I have discussed in prior articles, it is important that you take these initial steps to protect your interests. […]

The Employer and Insurer have Stopped Paying my Medical Bills and will not Approve any Further Treatment with my Doctor—What are my Legal Options?

As I have discussed in previous posts, the employer and insurer are responsible for all reasonable, necessary and causally related medical treatment.  This would include visits to your doctor, physical therapy, injections, chiropractic treatment, surgery, etc.  Now, there are limits to certain treatment based on the Minnesota Treatment Parameters which limit the types and duration […]

I Was Hurt at Work—What Should I Do Now?

When you have an on-the-job injury it can be anything from a cut, strain, fracture, etc. For most employees when they have a work-related injury, they don’t know what to do. It can become a very complicated and stressful situation. Consequently, it is a good idea to know what your injured worker’s rights are under […]